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Our knowledge of the Rover600 is second to none!!

We have restored 600’s…        We have modified 600’s…        We have totally re-shelled 600’s…

We have solved mechanical faults, which Rover themselves could not find nor cure!! 

And we have rectified bodged repairs by other so called Rover specialists!!

Check out our website and see for yourself some of the projects we have undertaken and check out some of our friends 600’s.

 The Rover600 is one of the most understated cars on the road and in our opinion still the most attractive and comfortable 4 door family saloon car on the road.

 If you’re as attached to your 600 as we are to ours, like us you will probably want to keep it on the road for as long as possible.

 Contact us for spare parts or advise…we’re local to Southampton .

 email: parts@rover600.co.uk

Tel: 02380436726 (evenings and weekends)


The Rover 600 range

Mk 1 (1993 - 1996)

Rover 620 (Honda 115bhp, 8 valve)  -  620i    620Si

Rover 620 (Honda 130bhp, 16 valve)  -  620Si    620SLi    620GSi 

Rover 623 (Honda 156bhp, 16 valve)  -  623iS    623SLi    623GSi

Rover 620 (Rover 200bhp, turbocharged)  -  620Ti

Rover 620 (Rover 105bhp turbo diesel)  -  620SDi    620SLDi

Mk 2 (1996 - 1999)

Rover 618 (Honda 115bhp, 16 valve)  -  618i    618Si    618iS   618iL

Rover 620 (Honda 130bhp, 16 valve)  -  620Si    620iS    620SLi    620 GSi 

Rover 623 (Honda 160bhp, 16 valve)  -  623SLi    623GSi

Rover 620 (Rover 200bhp, turbocharged)  -  620Ti

Rover 620 (Rover 105bhp turbo diesel)   -  620Di    620SDi    620SD    620SLDi    620LD    620GSDi


Brief History

Mk1 Honda powered 600 launched April 1993

Mk1 620Ti launched January 1994

Mk1 Rover 600 diesel launched January 1995

Mk 2 launched February 1996

618 replaced 620 (115bhp) in February 1996

Mk2 facelift (colour coded and lowered) in April 1997

Final facelift, new models iS, iL, SD and LD in March 1998


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