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Nigel's MG ZS 115TDi

Sadly this car was one of the last cars built at Longbridge, before the demise of MG Rover, I took delivery 14 March 2005.  
[comment added in recognition of all MG Rover employees past and present]

Its also unique because of the sun roof, which was an option on earlier models, but not available from January 2005.  It was fitted as a one off (so I was told), could possibly be the last ever sunroof fitted at Longbridge!

[well with no manufacturers warranty I thought what the heck!]

replaced exhaust tailpipe (got rid of stupid pointing down diesel tailpipe)

de-cat pipe

boost gauge

bleed valve (stops wastegate actuator opening too early, increased turbo boost from 17psi to 26psi)

fitted cigarette lighter instead of 'auxiliary socket' and backlight to ashtray

chrome door sill trims (acquired from local scrapyard)

rear brake light bandana (lights up "MG ZS" when I brake)

The de-cat pipe and the bleed valve have improved performance from 115bhp to about 140bhp (not yet prooved) making this one of the fastest 2.0l turbo diesels on the road, 0-60 in about 7.5 secs and top speed 130mph.  Mid range 40-90mph, she pulls like a train, easily beats most 2.0l petrol cars, I left a Mazda MX-5 for dust today! 

Because its an MG everyone wants to race me, you should see their faces when they realise they just been whooped by a diesel!



Glen's MG ZR

more info coming soon...


Nigel's first MG Montego EFi

picture coming soon...

I bought this car off my brother in May 1990 for 3,500 (still the newest and highest price car I have ever bought, the ZS is a company car), I sold it on in August 1992 when I got my first company car.


Nigel's second MG Montego EFi

picture coming soon...

I bought this car in September 1998, had to scrap it in 2001, when it started falling apart!