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More of our Rover 600's

Rover 620 SLi - Nigel and Rowena's first 600

This was Nigel's company car for two years, Rowena then had it for two and a half years, before the obsession with 600's really kicked off about 2 years ago

When Nigel bought the Blue 620Ti, we gave this car to Christoph and Jojo, who really cherish it!

The wing mirrors both got vandalised so we went on eBay for the first time ever to get some replacements......the rest is history.....


Rover 620 Ti  Nigel and Rowena's second 600

We ended up buying a non-running red Ti with a missing wing mirror, which is now fully restored and modified...see Rowena's Ti


Rover 620 Ti  Nigel's third 600 and first running Ti

Nigel couldn't wait for Rowena's car to be fixed to experience the thrill of driving a Ti so he bought this on eBay and flew up to Edinburgh to collect it.


Rover 620 Si - Lotties first car (Nigel's fourth 600)

We recovered this car from Luton, we bought it despite the dodgy seller!  He denied point blank that the silver 620 on the drive had been repaired, even though we could scrape the silver paint off to reveal black and we also pointed out the badly fitting front wing and bumper... we weren't even there to buy the silver one!!.  

The black 623GSi that we had bought a few weeks earlier provided leather interior, all 4 doors, boot lid, front wings, bonnet, front bumper and alloy wheels.  We even fitted electric windows in the back to complete the GSi trim.

Fully repaired the car passed its VIC and is fully legal, but if you bought a silver S reg 620 from someone in Luton in 2004, I'd check the front end of your car carefully because you have probably got the front of our car!!


Rover 620 Ti  Nigel's fifth 600 and third Ti

Another eBay bargain! see Nigel's MG600


Some wrecks we bought for spare parts:

Rover 623 GSi auto with blown head gasket Recovered from Cosham.

The leather interior, all 4 doors, boot lid, front wings, bonnet, front bumper and alloy wheels were all transferred to Lotties restored 620Si.  

Julian also transplanted the cruise control into his 618, no mean feat! see Julian's 618


Rover 620 GSDi recovered from Wrexham, we bought this for the cream leather interior to fit in Julian's car.  This car was also a valuable source of spares for Rowena's Ti restoration. 

The diesel engine has only done 59,000 miles .....available for purchase!!


Rover 618 i recovered from Coventry, some twerp thought he was on to a winner, spent loads repairing bodywork even though the whole chassis was twisted and bent, his loss our gain, the engine has only done 11,000 miles and is available for purchase!!

What a stoke of luck also for Kevin when he smashed the front of his Limited Edition 618 (same colour), we fixed him up in just under two hours.

Julian used the front end (which was straight!) to mock up his 2.2VTEC engine before transferring it to his own 618 engine bay (see Julian's 618).


Rover 620Ti recovered from Leicester with a blown head gasket, we also bought an engine locally with only 37,000 miles, but due to all the other projects this car sat untouched for over a year, whilst the replacement engine ended up being overhauled and used in Rowena's Ti instead (see Rowena's Ti).  

We may still rebuild this car, the bodywork is imacculate!



more info coming soon....